12 Ways To Help Improve Your Immune System

Winter brings on an increased risk of catching a large variety of illnesses! Thankfully there are lots of ways we can help prevent colds, and even speed up recovery if we get one.

The tools to overcome colds are a combination of vitamin supplements, flu-beating drink suggestions, and lifestyle practices to support your immune system. Start adding them into your life now to stay healthy and happy all winter (and all year) long.

12 Ways To Improve Your Immune System

  1. EXERCISE: Winter weather reduces our movement. Exercise supports our detox organs and keeps our lymph moving.
  2. GET OUTSIDE: Reduced fresh air and sunshine in the winter impair the immune system.
  3. SLEEP: The greatest tool for stress reduction and immune support is sleep. Commit to at least 8 hours a night.
  4. ALCOHOL: Be mindufl of alcohol consumption. Too much depresses the immune system and makes it easier to get sick.
  5. HANDWASHING: So simple we forget. Wash your hands with hot water especially after computer use and before making food.
  6. VITAMIN D3: Take 3,000-4,000 IU of Vitamin D3 to help reduce winter flu and seasonal moodiness.
  7. PROBIOTICS: Good bacteria detox what we eat and modulate immune system.
  8. ENZYMES: Take enzymes with heavy meals to improve digestion.
  9. MULTI: Be consistent about taking a daily multivitamin with high levels of B-Vitamins, C, and Zine.
  10. IMMUNE BOOSTING DRINKS: Have lots of bone broth, turmeric + ginger tea, and green juice + ginger this winter. 
  11. FRUITS & VEGGIES: Bump up your intake of plant foods and greens. Plant phytonutrients help reduce stress and inflammation.
  12. REDUCE TRIGGER FOODS: Gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol are the most common trigger foods. Be intentional about when you eat them or substitute for clean whole foods.

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