21 Day Fix Revisited And Reviewed

21 day fix revisited and reviewed

I decided to give 21 Day Fix a whirl again today to see what it’s all about before our challenge begins on Monday. I’ve never completed this program so I wanted to see what I had to look forward too. It’s been a while since I did 21 Day Fix Extreme and OH MY WORD I forgot how Autumn Calabrese can destroy you in 30 minutes or less. #HurtsSoGood

1. I LOVE how there are both men and women in this program of all different body types. Seeing REAL people working their butts off motivates me more than super fit and muscular women who are probably fitness models. I can already tell I am going to love this program!

2. This is still one of my favorite shirts. I am a goofball and a workout tank addict and this feeds my addiction haha.

3. I can’t wait for my Fixers Challenge to get started on Monday! I hope my challengers are ready because it is going to be awesome! 



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