3-Day Refresh- Results & Review

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Ok people, the results of my 3 day cleanse are in! I should note that I did not even think to take a ‘before’ picture because I was honestly not doing this to lose weight. I was feeling bloated and just overall ‘blah’ which is why I decided to do a little detoxing. So I had to grab a pic from one of my recorded workout sessions (hence the wiping of the sweat off of my face haha). I will tell you that I could have found a more flattering shot but this picture on the left really captures how I was feeling. What do you think? I can see a difference, can you?

I actually took out my scale after almost a full year of not stepping on it, I hate that damn thing! But I did it for you all so I could give you real results from this journey. I lost 4.4 pounds in three days! Now I can put that stupid thing back in the cabinet and never look at it again haha. I wish I took measurements because I know I lost inches but I forgot! Like I said, I did this cleanse to feel better not to lose weight BUT obviously weight loss is part of it! Now I am back on track with my clean eating and daily shakes which will help me maintain (and accelerate) my results!

This cleanse was really enjoyable for me because the nutrition program includes meals that I eat regularly. I have done a TON of other cleanses- juicing, raw foods, fasting, etc.- and they were AWFUL. I was starving all of the time and even became depressed during one or two of them. So this was a great experience for me. I was never starving and I felt better with each passing day. I missed the Vanilla Fresh shakes so much today! I will be honest and say that I was hungry last night but I believe that it was mostly mental because I knew I was in the home stretch! Ha!!

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