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Tired of the same old boring recipes? Looking for healthy food that tastes good? Maybe you need some tips or motivation to help you reach your fitness goals? I’ve got just what you are looking for! 

For years friends and acquaintances have asked me what I eat and what workouts I do. How can I be so fit after having FOUR children?! They begged me to share my recipes. In fact, some even offered to pay me:

“I would pay you for these recipes you post. I love that they aren’t overly complicated and that you use ingredients that are readily available. I’m not kidding.” -Sarah L.

When is your cookbook coming up?!!” -Catherine E.

“I’m going to hire you as my personal chef. No really!” -Nicole C.

And one more for good measure:

“I think I am going to have you cook for me for now on. Your dishes always look awesome and yummy!” -Tricia R.

So, without further ado, here is a virtual compilation of the recipes that I love. I am a people pleaser after all!

I try to live a healthy life by exercising 5-6 times a week and eating healthy. My goal is to inspire others to live their best life and help them reach all of their health and fitness goals. I am not a chef, nutritionist, or a personal trainer but these are the tools that work for me. 

Some facts about me:

  • My name is Melissa Dinner, yes dinner like the meal. 
  • I am a wife to an amazing man and a mother to four wonderful children.
  • My children all have names that begin with the letter J. My girls have the same initials (JSD) and my boys have the same initials (JRD). Jordan, Jason, Jacob, and Jillian. I find a theme I like and I stick with it!
  • I am busy. Um, hello?! Four kids and a husband. And two dogs!
  • I am a Mompreneur/CEO of a Health & Fitness Coaching business and help other people reach their health and fitness goals every day.
  • I am a fitness addict and workout at home.
  • I eat healthy 95% of the time. Hey, it’s all about balance.
  • I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 22 years old. I manage it naturally with diet and supplements.
  • I just recently dyed my hair blue.
  • I am obsessed with Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder- do NOT talk to me on Thursday nights!
  • I can recite every single line of the movie Frozen, thanks to my adorable four year old daughter Jillian.

This is just a sneak peak of where I started and where I am at today. I am a work in progress. I workout every day to get stronger and healthier. I don’t even know how much I weigh because the number on the scale means nothing to me. How I feel in my clothes and in my own skin is the real measurement of my progress. I started my fitness journey three years ago. I lost twenty pounds and twenty overall inches pretty quickly with the help of Insanity, and have since continued my journey with other Beachbody programs such as Turbo Fire, Focus T25, and 21 Day Fix Extreme.


 Now I help others on their journey too! I have a beautiful group of women who inspire me and motivate me every single day to work harder and be the best version of myself that I can be. 

You can read more about my story here: My Fitness Journey