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Hello everyone!

I have decided that I will document my healing journey with my naturopath on my blog since I tend to be long-winded haha. No but really, I will be able to thoroughly explain and share better here versus on Facebook. I am SO beyond excited since meeting with my naturopath on Sunday. I am feeling hopeful that I will FINALLY feel better, and I haven’t felt hopeful in a long time.

I have been suffering from anxiety for years and I have been working on learning how to control it instead of letting it control me by doing a lot of personal development (books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc). I have also been really trying to step out of my comfort zone a lot this year and I certainly have done just that. It definitely helps! But I have been quietly suffering from other issues as well. I like to be all smiley and act as if everything is fine all of the time, but the truth is that I have been feeling very unwell for about 4 months. My menstrual cycles are a mess with short cycles (23-26 days on average) and long days of heavy bleeding (7+ days). My Rheumatoid Arthritis is the worst that it has been in years. I went so many years being almost symptom free and now my symptoms are back full force. My stomach is always bloated and I have not gone a single day without being either nauseous or in pain. I have pretty severe fatigue for the second half of the day and I get regular headaches. And I have been gaining weight. So, basically I am a mess haha. I have tried many things on my own but nothing seems to be helping so I knew it was time to get professional help. Now, I am not 100% against conventional medicine at all. However, I really believe in trying to find the cause of the issue instead of going straight for medication. I know that there is a time and a place for medicine but I am not at that place just yet.

After spending a little over an hour with Dr. Doni (my naturopath) I feel really confident that she will help me. She listened to everything that I said and genuinely cared and explained so much to me. She was AMAZING. You know those people who look you in the guy and you can just tell that they really care about what you have to say? She is that person! She sent me home with a few different test kits and I already completed them and sent them out today. Her assistant told me that that was record time for getting the tests done! LOL!! I want to feel better so the sooner I can get those specimens out the better, right?! 

Here are the tests that I am having done:

Food panel
IgG and IgA test for 96 foods so we can identify which foods are causing issues, which foods to avoid, and the extent of leaky gut we need to address. To learn more about the food sensitivities being tested, you might find this article helpful: http://doctordoni.com/2013/02/are-the-foods-you-are-eating-making-you-sick.html
GI Effects Stool panel: 
Evaluates digestion of food and bacteria/yeast/parasites.
cortisol/neurotransmitter panel
To identify how cortisol and/or neurotransmitters are influencing energy and mood so that she can provide specific recommendations on how to help me feel better. To learn more about cortisol and neurotransmitter testing, here are a couple articles: 
And here are the supplements that she started me on so far:
Progesterone cream – to support menstrual cycle. Start with 1 pump morning and night from about day 16 of cycle (after ovulation) to about day 26 (start of period). May increase to 2 pumps morning and night. 
Chaste tree berry – take 1 per day to support communication with ovaries. 
Curcumin – take 1 or 2 twice per day as anti-inflammatory.
The cortisol test was a saliva test which was interesting. I had to fill a 5 ml vile with my saliva every 5 hours throughout the day. There was a parafilm wax sheet that I had to chew on to help me produce enough saliva. LOL! The stool test was….. gross. I’ll just leave it at that! LOL! The neurotransmitter panel was a urine test. I had to use my second urine of the day two hours after my first urine. And I couldn’t eat or drink for those two hours. 
This is what my day looked like yesterday, I set alarms for each so I didn’t forget:
6:01 am wake up
7:00 am first 5ml vile of saliva
8:00 am urine test
12:00N second 5ml vile of saliva
5:oo pm third vile of saliva
10:00 pm fourth vile of saliva
It was actually pretty simple to do, I just made sure that I was extra aware of the clock so that I didn’t mess anything up. I had to refrigerate all of the specimens until I could mail them out today, which I did. So now I just wait to start getting my results in and for my follow up appointment with Dr. Doni in a couple of weeks where we will set up a game plan.
Wish me luck!

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