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Every accomplishment begins with the decision to

These are testimonials from some (not all) of the beautiful ladies I coach. They inspire me every day with their hard work and dedication. They all have busy schedules but they find the time to get their workouts done because they made the decision to make their health a priority. Get ready to get inspired!

(Results vary from person to person. These ladies have put in the hard work to get these amazing results.)

Cize + Shakeology

Christa is a busy mom to 4 kids and has a husband that works a lot but she still makes the time to do cize and drink her shakes. She has lost 40 pounds on her journey so far and  gone down 4 pants sizes.

“There are so many things I need to thank Melissa for. I started this journey almost 3 months ago. She taught me how to eat healthy and that there is no such thing as a diet, but a way of life. She taught me how to take it slow and steady and how to listen to my body. I learned how to make a life style change and  how to play less and work more. I am now a better mother, wife, and friend. But most of all Melissa taught me how to fight for something when you want it bad enough. She has been there every step of this journey and has answered every question. I have learned how to live myself, because if I don’t love myself no one else will. This journey has given me confidence and truly changed my life. Melissa, I can never do for you what you did for me. You are my coach, my friend, and a mentor.” – Christa G.
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Hayley is a wife, mother to two adorable boys, and a teacher who stays up way too late planning lessons. She is one of the people who motivates me to work harder towards my goals because if this busy mama can do it, ANYONE can do it! What’s your excuse?! Isn’t she amazing?! In only four weeks of doing cize, drinking Shakeology, and eating healthier she lost 19+ pounds and went down 3 pants sizes. 

“Although I was skeptical at first, starting Cize and Shakeology has been filled with non-stop fun, positive energy and an overall life changing experience. I’m grateful to my coach Melissa for taking me on this journey, motivating me and for helping me to enjoy exercise and clean eating. I’ve lost weight, inches and pants sizes. I’m so thankful to have an amazing coach who is here to support me and my own team at the drop of a hat. From her appetite captivating meals, hardcore workouts to the love and admiration she shows toward her children. Melissa is a true warrior with a generous heart! Xoxo” – Hayley C.

 21 Day Fix + P90X3 + Shakeology

Justine is a full time ABA therapist. Although she has a flexible schedule, she is always on the go and has to get creative with meals that she can eat in her car in between cases. She could easily just stop at a drive thru and get fast food but she doesn’t do that. She is proof that you can still make your nutrition a top priority in any situation. She has lost 25 pounds so far with the help of 21 Day Fix and P90X3.

“When I started the 21 Day Fix, I thought okay 21 days thats easy but I never thought 21 days would turn into a lifestyle. I have a flexible schedule so the meal plan, Shakeology, and 30 min workouts fit perfectly into my schedule. Over the past 6 months I lost 25 lbs, gained strength, endurance and confidence. 21 Day Fix changed my life and I love who I am because of it. The best part is I don’t have to count calories or points, it’s easy and fits into my on the go lifestyle.” – Justine S.
21 Day Fix (1)

Ashley works full time and is also a mom to a sweet little boy. She works INSANE hours but finds the time to push play and drinks her Shakeology every day. She has lost 22 pounds so far with the help of 21 Day Fix and gone down a pant size.

“What to say about Melissa Dinner??? If i had to describe her in one word?? I would use, wonderful, caring, kind, loving, supportive, sweet, coach and friend. So thats more that one word. But Melissa cant be described in one word. She is too amazing to be broken down to one word. When i started with Beachbody, I was Melissa’s first customer and she really pushed me to be a better version of myself. Since then she has become one of my best friends. I really don’t know where i would be in my journey today without her “Get it girl!” Or her “I’m proud of you!” everyday! She is such an awesome coach and a lifetime friend that i am truly grateful to have in my life!” – Ashley S.

21 Day Fx (1)


This is Brandi, aka rockstar mama. She is a full time teacher and mother to two beautiful girls. All of my teacher friends know how much spare time you have (almost none) and my fellow moms know that there is not much time in the day for ourselves BUT she gets it done. She still makes the time to meal prep and do her workouts.

“I started this journey at 141#. 18 pounds lost and I can wear size 3 jeans COMFORTABLY! Hallelujah!” – Brandi M.

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