Flex Friday & Why You Should Throw Your Scale Away


I don’t weigh myself because I won’t let that number define my progress. I use pictures to measure the progress that I have made and to see the changes in my body that come from my hard work. Even before I began sharing my journey publicly I took weekly pictures because they tell me more than any number a stupid scale ever could. Your body weight can fluctuate 3-7 pounds per day for a whole slew of reasons, so why even bother?!

I can clearly see that my arms are getting more defined and I am building more muscle in these pictures. It not seem like much to others but progress is progress no matter how ‘small’. I can’t wait to see my progress at the end of these 8 weeks. What if I stepped on the scale and it revealed a weight gain? Would that mean that I should throw in the towel and give up? It would most likely make me feel like giving up, just like everyone else in that situation. But when I look at pictures like these and I see that I am making progress and I know that I am lifting heavier weights during my workouts and I am building up my endurance — THAT makes me want to push myself harder, exceed the limits that I have in my mind, and keep going. To be PROUD of myself.

I won’t let a scale determine how I feel about myself or if my program is effective. All I need to do is look at these pictures and think about how I feel every day and I KNOW that what I am doing is working.


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