Getting Fit After 4 Pregnancies


Four pregnancies in under five years can do a number on a person’s body. I gained over 30-50 pounds with each pregnancy and never lost all of it before I got pregnant with the next child. I have stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin — you name it. But I also lost over 20 pounds and 20 overall inches, gained muscle, got toned, built up my endurance, and learned healthy habits that I now pass on to my children. I have abs for the first time in my life AFTER four pregnancies.

Was it hard to get started? You bet! The hardest part was forgetting about the million reasons why I shouldn’t workout and instead focusing on the reasons why I should. I am a very busy lady, as I’m sure most of you are too, so I would workout whenever I could fit it into my schedule. Sometimes that was in the morning and sometimes it was late at night, but since I didn’t have to go to the gym it was easy to just throw on my sneakers and push play when I could. I didn’t have an hour to exercise but I did have 25-30 minutes to workout in my living room.

If you are feeling down and discouraged about your body just know that I felt that way too. I remember the awful feelings I had when I pulled on my maternity jeans when my youngest was 1.5 years old because that’s all that fit. Or how I would hide behind sweatshirts even in the summer. But if you put in the work you CAN achieve your goals. If you want it bad enough you CAN make it work with your schedule. And then this amazing moment comes when it stops being a ‘chore’ or something you ‘have’ to do but instead becomes something you WANT to do. Because once you start seeing your body change it becomes something that you need to do every day, just like brushing your teeth and eating breakfast.

You can do it too, but you have to WANT it. Because when you want it bad enough nothing will get in your way of reaching your goals. When you are ready contact me. I can’t wait to connect with you!


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