My Fitness Journey


When you want something bad enough there is no reason or excuse big enough to stop you from reaching your goals.  

I never really took a ‘before’ picture because I was always the one taking the pictures, re: hiding behind the camera. I had 4 pregnancies in 5 years and I had a lot of weight to lose. But more importantly I had low self esteem and pretty much zero confidence. It affected me in all areas of my life. I had a million excuses not to workout- I have 4 kids so I am too busy, I’m too tired, I have arthritis, I’ll start next month, etc.

When I finally decided it was time to put myself first and make the change I knew I wanted to workout at home. If I have to leave my house it’s just not going to happen. I would have to find child care for 4 kids (and pay for it!) and just the thought of packing them all up and getting to the gym was exhausting enough. I tried to do my own workouts in my basement but I had no idea what I was doing. Were the exercises I was doing effective?! I knew I needed a routine with a schedule to follow. I needed somebody to show me what to do and keep me motivated.

Insanity was the first Beachbody fitness program I ever tried and from the first time I heard Shaun T yell “Let’s Gooooo” I was hooked. Since then I have completed many other Beachbody programs and have lost 20+ pounds, 20+ inches overall, and went down 2 clothing sizes along the way. I feel stronger both physically and mentally. I feel confident in my clothes and skin. I feel energized and grounded. I can look at myself in the mirror and think “Girl you look good in those jeans!” instead of pointing out all of my ‘flaws’. I still have “fat days”- I am a woman after all! LOL

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I started my fitness journey because I was tired of feeling insecure. I was done wearing maternity pants almost 2 years after my baby was born because they were more comfortable than regular clothes. I didn’t want to have to wear yoga pants because my jeans didn’t fit. I refused to buy bigger sizes. I wanted to feel like ME again. But let’s be real here, I have 4 kids (4 kids in 5 years to be exact). I know what it’s like to try to juggle family, a household, and just life in general and feeling like there is no time for a shower, let alone to EXERCISE! Workout for an hour+?! That’s just crazy talk! I can’t even pee alone. LOL! I wish I could go back in time and shake some sense into that Melissa. Once I realized that my excuses were just holding me down I found out how wrong I had been. I have dropped 20 pounds and over 20 overall inches by working out at home for 30-40 minutes (and then 25 minutes when I did Focus T25). Never stepped foot in a gym. Never paid for a gym membership. Never had to pay for child care. I pop in my DVD and follow my trainer’s instructions. I am stronger than my excuses. Once I committed it was easy to find the time. Yep, I said easy. Everyone has 30 minutes. YOU have 30 minutes! Exercise is now part of my daily routine, just like brushing my teeth or eating dinner. Is my body where I want it to be? Not yet since I will always be a work in progress, but I am pretty damn proud of myself. I can always get stronger, leaner, and set new goals and then exceed them. You can do it too!


To say Beachbody has changed my life would be the understatement of the year. My body has changed, yes, but so has my LIFE! I feel more confident and I am learning to love myself and that pours over into every aspect of my life. I am a better wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. A few years ago I would never even dream of doing things like volunteering at my child’s school! I know that sounds silly but for me it was a big deal. I dreaded being asked to help out at class parties. I would rather stay home in my stretch pants and hide from the world. Risk having people look at me?! No thanks. I’ll just stay home and watch Dora The Explorer where nobody can judge me. Of course people didn’t really judge me (I hope not anyway!) but that shows you how poorly I thought of myself.

Now I feel like if I can do a hardcore workout I can take on the world! Do 60 seconds of power jumps? No problem! Help sort of pie orders at the school? Let’s do it! I have more energy and I am stronger mentally as well as physically. I laugh more. Working out is good for the soul. You might think that I am being dramatic but I highly recommend you try it and see for yourself! What do you have to lose?! What’s the worst thing that could happen, you lose a few pounds?! Wouldn’t that just be awful. (that’s sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell.)

I have made new friends and formed new friendships that will last me a life time. I have also rekindled old friendships and bonded over our love/hate relationship with color coded food containers. Ha! And to think this all started with the decision to try some ‘crazy workout video’! 


The person on the left is a mom who had 4 children in 5 years, whose ‘baby’ was close to turning 2 years old, and was beyond ready to get rid of the baby weight and get her body back. 

The person on the right loves her abs, even if there are ‘only’ 4 of them and is proud of her progress. She’s a goal crushing, confident, wife, and mother who will never stop working hard towards being healthier.

I lost 20 pounds and 15+ overall inches pretty quickly by working out at home when I had the time. Sometimes it was first thing in the morning and sometimes it was very late at night. I could have found excuses not to do it but my health and my goals were important to me. So I pushed play no matter what. Hard work and dedication get you to where you want to be, not excuses. I set goals and I exceeded them. It took me another two years to get my ‘4 pack’ of abs and get toned. Yep, two years. Fitness is a lifestyle and a journey. It takes time to get there. Some people will meet their goals faster than others but for me that isn’t an issue. I reach one goal and I set another. We can always work harder to be healthier. Maybe your goal is to lose ten pounds or lift more weight. Maybe you want to run two miles without having to stop and take a break. Or eliminate grains from your diet. Never stop setting goals for yourself!

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