Real Talk: Cellulite

Would I wear these shorts if I went to the gym? Probably not! But I workout at home so I can wear whatever I want. Today I caught a glimpse of the back of my legs in the mirror while I was getting all set up and I knew that I had to post a picture because I know a lot of people struggle with this issue: cellulite.

I work out at least six time a week and I eat mostly clean. I say mostly because I love food and I will treat myself every so often. #YOLO

I have carried and birthed four beautiful babies, I have gained weight and lost weight more times than that, I have used food as a coping mechanism for my anxiety and emotions. And I have cellulite. Do I have days when I see my reflection and feel bad about the way I look? HELL YES I DO! But what I am trying to focus on today is that while I do indeed have cellulite, it is better than it was last year. I may have cellulite but I am also stronger, leaner, and more confident. Will it ever go away completely? Probably not, but that is ok.

So instead of taking 500 pictures of myself to get just the right angle where it doesn’t show, I decided to go all in and face the fear of showing you my struggle. Because this is real life.

#KeepingItReal #MyJourney #LoveYourself


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