Why You Should Exercise For YOU

You Are So It.

I have been working out consistently for the last 3 years and in that time I have heard a lot of excuses. My all time favorite is (yes I have a favorite!), “I just don’t have the time! I need to care for my family before I could ever focus time on myself.” I get it, I used to say the same thing! I felt selfish for taking time away from my kids to do something for me. But what about the laundry?! And the toilets need to be cleaned! What if my kids need me while I am working out for 30 minutes?! 30 minutes is like 500 years in kid time. LOL 

Here’s the truth though: Making time for exercise is absolutely, positively, in NO WAY an act of selfishness. Taking care of your relationship with yourself is the first step towards taking care of your relationship with others. The people around you deserve your best. The best version of you is a version that is constantly challenged and improved with a kick-ass exercise routine. You deserve to be healthy inside and out. Your health is the best gift you could ever give to your family.

When you’re ready you will.

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